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CertificationInst exams are taken online in a paper based or proctored environment through state-of-the-art exam engine. Features include the use of RealSkillTest(TM) exam questions to validate real-world knowledge, a post-exam performance evaluation by certification objective, and a custom post-exam candidate feedback interface to help us further improve the testing experience.

The certification examination is designed to identify the candidate's ability to assist management in improving the quality of information systems within the specialization represented by the certification, evaluate his/her ability to apply quality assurance knowledge to practice in the discipline, and provide a foundation for granting professional recognition. The framework of any profession is the body of knowledge upon which it bases its standards.

The examination reflects state-of-the-art principles and practices from the disciplines included in the associated Body of Knowledge for the certification specialty. The exam expects that familiarity with current industry topics via experience, periodicals, and textbooks is continually being maintained. It is the philosophy of the Sotware Testing Board which is a body of CertInst that knowledge of significant developments in the information services industry, as well as a basic understanding of the various disciplines affecting software quality assurance, be current. For this reason the examination instrument is continually reviewed and revised to implement these factors into the testing process. Preparing for the Examination Professional certification is a significant undertaking. Sufficient time and energy should be allocated by the candidate toward preparation. Most of the needed preparation involves reviewing and brushing up on the various knowledge domains in the certification's respective Body of Knowledge. If candidates have extensive experience in the practices described in the knowledge domains of the Body of Knowledge, the examination should not be difficult.

Candidates should avoid last minute cramming as it is rarely beneficial in the long term. If their experience is minimal, or is limited to only certain areas of those related knowledge domains, they should seek study materials and work experience that will broaden their knowledge and experience. Unless candidates have had extensive exposure to management principles, and a broad array of job responsibilities within information services related to the certification knowledge domains, they are very unlikely to pass the certification examination.

There is no specific outline of study curriculum established by Software Certifications. Candidates are responsible for their own study and preparation. The Software Testing Board™, as administrator of Software Certifications, does not infer that attending specific courses or programs will significantly enhance the candidate's chances of passing the examination. The examination will be monitored via online through a web camera.