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Certification Inst. is a global organisation with wide experience in the certification industry, our certifications evaluate competence and are key to today's performance-driven environment, we have a state of the art yet simple to use web based administration system that can be customized according to partner needs, reducing administration time and effort.

As a Global Certification Bord we provide Comprehensive invigilation services, including on site and web proctoring apart from training.

Courses are also conducted via a global network of trainers known as Approved Training Partners (ATPs). This ensures our training is delivered consistently and at a location that’s convenient for you and your business. Alternatively you may prefer to arrange in-house training that’s tailored to your requirements. This is a popular choice as it saves your business time and money in travel and expenses.

One way to ensure that IT staff have the necessary skills and experience on existing and new technologies is through certifications and training. Software Testing staff who have passed a certification exam or series of exams can be presumed to have the specific knowledge to be more productive members of the Software Testing department and respond better to any incidents outside the normal environment. Companies that invest in their staff through training and certification will have a more technically advanced work force able to respond to new challenges quicker.

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